How to Uninstall/Remove MirrorThief Card Skimmer? – Removal Guide

Hello, I have a trojan virus called MirrorThief Card Skimmer detected by Norton, but I have many times to run a full scanning and then removing infected files, but this virus is still in system. I enter the Registry trying to delete something malicious, but I can’t figure out which files and entries are corrupted […]

Easy Removal Guides to Remove Microsoft Cleanup from Computer Completely

I get a Trojan named Microsoft Cleanup on my Windows 7 PC. Norton detects it but cannot completely remove it. So I run AVG to get rid of but have no luck, either. My brother suggests me to restore the system but I soon find that all restore points have been infected by this Trojan. […]

How to Uninstall/Remove Agent Tesla? – Removal Guide

Do you notice a weird slowdown in your computer performance? Do you receive a lot of pop-up ads on your computer? Do you find a threat named Agent Tesla on your computer when running your antivirus program to scan the whole system? Cannot completely get rid of the threat with your antivirus program? This article […]

How to Remove Xpert RAT From Your PC? – Malware Uninstall Guide

Hey, there. I downloaded an unknown app from a websites by mistake. Now my computer is keeping sending me report about Xpert RAT as well as other threats. I can’t get rid of it with any antivirus tool. What should I do now? How do I get rid of this malicious virus completely? Can anyone […]

Several Effective Methods to Remove GRIFFON Completely

Need help to remove GRIFFON, it totally messes up my new brand PC. I just have my PC for a week, GRIFFON slows down the performance, I even got blue screen this morning again! Any one can help to remove this GRIFFON? What is GRIFFON? GRIFFON is another recently found harmful Trojan virus. It is […]

Several Effective Methods to Remove Cherry Picker Completely

Are you a victim of Cherry Picker infection? Wonder how this Trojan horse enters your computer? Don’t know how to effectively remove this threat from your computer? This post will show you the detailed Cherry Picker removal guide. Please continue reading. What is Cherry Picker? Cherry Picker is detected as one of the nasty and […]