How to Remove MyShopBot Completely Within Minutes?

Last weekend, I downloaded a game for free from a website. After I installed this game, my windows security kept warning me that a threat was damaging my system. Then MyShopBot was found from the scanning. I was shocked. How did this virus get into my system? What should I do? Please help! MyShopBot Description […]

How to Remove Adware.Somoto.16 From Your PC Completely And Safely

Hi, there. I do really need help to remove Adware.Somoto.16 browser hijacker. It seems like a normal and useful website at the very beginning. But when I started to use it, I found that my default homepage on Mozilla Firefox was changed to Adware.Somoto.16. The most important thing was that I couldn’t change it back […]

Easy Removal Guides to Remove Matrix Ransomware from Computer Completely

I get a Trojan named Matrix Ransomware on my Windows 7 PC. Norton detects it but cannot completely remove it. So I run AVG to get rid of but have no luck, either. My brother suggests me to restore the system but I soon find that all restore points have been infected by this Trojan. […]

How to Remove SurfMate Easily and Completely

Do you notice a weird slowdown in your computer performance? Do you receive a lot of pop-up ads on your computer? Do you find a threat named SurfMate on your computer when running your antivirus program to scan the whole system? Cannot completely get rid of the threat with your antivirus program? This article provides […]

Several Effective Methods to Remove SaaveNEwaoAppz Completely

?I am not on my infected PC now cuz I can not get the system SaaveNEwaoAppz is detected by AVG yesterday, and I reboot the PC into safe mode with networking but then can not have it launched. I can just to to the bios screen. Not sure whether there are other malware. Any help? […]

Several Effective Methods to Remove ‘.FUCK File Extension’ Ransomware Completely

Are you a victim of ‘.FUCK File Extension’ Ransomware infection? Wonder how this Trojan horse enters your computer? Don’t know how to effectively remove this threat from your computer? This post will show you the detailed ‘.FUCK File Extension’ Ransomware removal guide. Please continue reading. What is ‘.FUCK File Extension’ Ransomware? ‘.FUCK File Extension’ Ransomware […]

How to Remove Ads by CoolShopper (Malware Removal Guide)

My computer has got Ads by CoolShopper infection since two days ago. This infection has caused my computer to run slowly and sluggishly. I notice that the CPU usage has reached100%. It is almost impossible for me to do anything on my computer now. I have tried to run a variety of scans and fixes […]

How to Remove Completely Within Minutes?

Somehow, becomes my homepage. I didn’t remember that I have changed my browser settings. How come it took the place of my favorite homepage without my permission? Many strange things are added to my toolbar. I even don’t know what their functions are. When I was visiting other website, it always redirects me to […]