How to Remove Troj/JsRedir-NN (Easy Removal Guide)

My computer has got Troj/JsRedir-NN infection since two days ago. This infection has caused my computer to run slowly and sluggishly. I notice that the CPU usage has reached100%. It is almost impossible for me to do anything on my computer now. I have tried to run a variety of scans and fixes but nothing […]

How to Uninstall/Remove AVLab Internet Security? – Removal Guide

Do you notice a weird slowdown in your computer performance? Do you receive a lot of pop-up ads on your computer? Do you find a threat named AVLab Internet Security on your computer when running your antivirus program to scan the whole system? Cannot completely get rid of the threat with your antivirus program? This […]

Easy Removal Guides to Remove AVLab Security Win8 Protection 2015 from Computer Completely

Hey! I was told that there is a Trojan virus called AVLab Security Win8 Protection 2015 in my computer, how could I remove it? I know Trojan virus is totally harmful as I have made some search on the Internet but I don’t know how to get rid of it. My computer has become abnormally […]